[A'PIEU] Milk One-Pack Face Mask 21g 7 Type


Milk protein extract helps moisturize the skin by
providing abundant moisture to dry, flaky skin.
Strawberry extract helps brighten up dull skin.
Cacao extract helps make the skin feel smooth
and soft by exfoliating dead skin cells.
Green tea extract helps soothe sensitive skin
and make the skin healthy and relaxed.
Coffee extract helps make the rough skin firm by restoring elasticity.
Coconut extract helps make moist skin by providing deep moisture to dry skin.
Banana extract helps make the skin nourished
and radiant by providing enriched nourishment.

Color Option
#Green Tea


How to use
1. After cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner.
2. Spread the mask sheet evenly over face.
3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and remove the sheet.
4. Massage the remaining essence into skin.