[ROM&ND] Blur Fudge Tint 5g 11Colors


Matte gradation smudges easily and smoothly.
It spreads out without clumping, and the fudge spreads out easily.
It's a completely matte finish without any glow
Finish with getting blurry the more you spread it.

Color Option
#01 Pomeloco
It's soft and warm coral that gives you good complexion.

#02 Rosiental
It's slightly toned down and rose-colored mlbb with mood.

#03 Musky
Orange brick color with a reddish color.

#04 Radwood
Deep and alluring wood brown.

#05 Bibi Candy
Pure pink that resembles a vivid candy.

#06 Mauvish
The standard of mauve with full of grayish color

#07 Cool Rose Up
A refreshing plum rose that focuses on your lips.

#08 Currant Jam
vivid and dark currant berry red.

#09 Coral Jubilee
is a clear and pure coral color to illuminate your skin tone.

#10 Fudge Red
is an energetic basic red color

#11 Fuchsia Vibe
is a fuchsia cool pink color.


How to use
As a butter knife that applies jam to bumpy bread,
Spread it with a spatula tip by pressing down the dead skin cells and wrinkles.