[ETUDE HOUSE] Oh My Line 5ml 5 Color New Color


1. Long wearing and blur-proof liquid eyeliner.
2. By creating illusion of dimension, it helps eyes look more stand out but in good natural way.
3. Elastic and good fitting citiric aicd content makes perfect eye makeup.
4. Thanks to its fast fitting and drying, it lasts as it was applied at the first place.

Color Option
#1 Oh My Black
#2 Oh My Grey
#3 Oh My Brown
#4 Oh My Purple
#5 Oh My Navy


How to use
* Deep double eye lidsIt goes perfectly well with deep and thick double eye lids.
Draw delicately as you're filling in places between each lash.
* Single eye lidDraw line as thin as possible.
Draw on waterline to make eyes look more standing out.
* Strecthing long to side waysDo the smoky at the end of eyes about 0.2 cm.
Please be cautious that it might get blurred even it is touched before it is completely dry.