[CP-1] Magic Styling Shampoo 250ml / smooth and calm straight hair


1. It contains patented composition, it is more effective for styling when using while drying hair
which allows smooth and calm straight hair.
2. Hair-like protein ingredient gives the hair shine with it’s coating effect.
3. Cleanse the sebum in the pores in the scalp cleanly with fine micro-bubbles.
4. Helps prevent hair from drying out by applying moisture to the curls and frizzy hair.


How to use
1st pump the content to massage and cleanse the scalp, 2nd pump a small amount of CP-1 Styling shampoo
and massage into the hair and scalp to absorb it. Then rinse the content off.
(It is difficult to change curly hair to smooth hair in a moment,
so you should always continue using curly hair shampoo, treatment, etc.)