[EYENLIP] Moisture Essence Mask 10Types 25ml [10pcs]


Salmon oil-Salmon oil contains effective fatty acid with excellent immunity control restoration of skin barrier
and skin lipid restorative effect,and it is contained in large quantities to improve wrinkle and skin elasticity.
-The salmon oil is rich in vitamin D and omega-6 fatty acids,so it has an excellent ability
to reduce dark circles, as well as preventing wrinklesand moisturizing dry skin.

Hyaluronic acid
-Hyaluronic acid has the ability to absorb moisture, soften the skin,and give the skin a
sense of tension, which is effective in maximizing the condition of the skin.
-Excellent mortising helps damaged skin cells regenerate.

-The Snail’s essence creates a barrier to help skin become more eleastic, healthy bright, and sft skin.
-Mucin contained in snail mucus contains many excellent proteins and rich in calcium,
contributing to the calming and elasticity of the skin.

-A mask that contains collagen extract effectively replenishes skin elasticity and
hydrates to moisturize skin.Provides nourishment to your skin that has lost its
elasticity and makes it shiny.
-Collagen stimulates the cells that make up new skin tissues, so skin regeneration can
be done smoothly,improving elasticity, improving wrinkles.

-A mask sheet containing charcoal extract lightly adheres to your skin, cleansing the skin,
making pores fuller,and regulating excess sebum to create a smooth, clear skin.
-Because charcoal is rich in minerals, it is excellent for alleviating dermatitis, and it has
excellent ingredients that adsorb waste,so you can see beautiful effect of phobia
and keratin.

Green Tea
-Contains moisture-rich green tea extract to moisturize dry skin, relieve skin thirst,
and provide clear and transparent skin with plenty of moisture.
-The tannins contained in green tea have a calming effect on skin and 20 times more
antioxidant effect than vitamin C,soothing sensitive skin and helping to improve spots
and freckles.

-A mask sheet containing aloe vera leaf extract. Hydrates and moisturizes dry skin.
Relieves skin tired from external environment.
-Aloe is a cold-temperate plant with a very cool cooling effect that cools the skin's heat.
It is also effective in skin protection and skin regeneration by inhibiting melanin pigment formation as well as skin soothing.

NEW Vitamin
-Vitamin C and Vitamin E is included with rich Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract and
niacinamide to help your rough skin glow brightly. Various moisture ingredients
are included, which keep the moisture on your face for long time.

NEW Milk
-Milk extract and milk protein extract containing protein, vitamins, and minerals
provide the moisture to the skin to soothe rough skin, and lactic acid helps
the skin smooth.

NEW Cica
-It contains 4 kinds of active ingredients of Centella asiatica Including centella
asiatica extract to help your skin cool down and can be used for the sensitive skin.
Reduce shine on your oily skin by sebum and provide with nutrition constantly.

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25ml * 10pcs

How to use
1. After cleansing use the toner to arrange.
2. Take the sheet out and apply it on the nose eyes and everywhere else.
3. After 10-15 minutes peal it off and lightly tab the remaining essence to absorbe.